Computer Graphics and Games

CGA Resources and Lectures An excellent collection of CGA Lectures HTML CGA Lecture PDF CGA Lecture with mathematical background. Open GL Tutorial (C++) with many examples.
Simple DirectMedia Layer ( SDL ) a cross-platform multimedia library


GLee (GL Easy Extension library), a free cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OS-X and FreeBSD) extension loading library for OpenGL. OpenGL-Funktions Uebersicht Weighted Tutorials about everything NeHe OpenGL Tutorial (C++) with many examples.
OpenGL Programming Guide or 'The Red Book'
Nate Robins OpenGL (interactive) Tutorials
Deutsche Uebersetztung der NeHe Tutorials und Code fuer verschiedene Platformen
Seminar 3D-Computergraphik mit OpenGL
Seminar "3D-Graphik mit OpenGL" an der FH Muenchen
CGA with openGL on-line course with many figures.
ZFX: Moderated mail archive and forum for openGl
GLUT Tutorial
Simple DirectMedia Layer ( SDL ) and OpenGL

OpenGL with JOGL Basic info and links (read this first). The current version and sources -- download install files from here. JOGL reference (classes, functions, etc.)
JOGL: A Beginner's Guide and Tutorial By Kevin Conroy: Install + examples that run "out of the box".
How to: Getting started with JOGL: Tutorial based on AWT -> Test with main and TestDriver implements GLEventListener. Tutorial in german (using Swing, which is slower than AWT).
Jumping into JOGL: Tutorial by Chris Adamson (using AWT) -> very short "allInOneFrame" Example.
Jogl - User's Guide: About JOGL, no programming tutorial. Just (impressive) demos, no programming tutorial. Tutorial including textures. Tutorial including textures. Tutorial Very nice Tutorial in Dutch. Tutorial including textures and Applets using JOGL.
GLUT and GLU with JOGL Examples JOGL Fullscreen and Animation
The Red Book Examples using JOGL
NeHe Java ports

3D (2D) Engines

3D Engine Database
Quest 3D Engine
Garage Games: Torque Engine (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) in C++, all Platforms, open source and free
Game engine with fully integrated production environment open source C# 3D game engine for Microsoft .NET based upon OpenGL and NVIDIA's Cg
TU-Berlin 3D Engines
xith: Jogl (Java+openGL) 3D Engine
aviatrix3d: Jogl 3D Engine
mind2machine: Jogl 3D Engine

Game Development Tools and Libraries Programming

rakkarsoft: UDP game network library, cross platform C++ network
Open Dynamics Engine ODE: open source library for simulating rigid body, platform independent with C/C++ API
Tokamak Game Physics SDK
AGEIA PhysX physics engine
Havok Physics Engine

Game Content Tools and Resources

daz3d: Bryce + Landscapes, 3D Models, Textures, ...
e-onsoftware: Vue Infinite and other Solutions for 3D Environments BodyStudio integrates Poser 3D in Maya, Max, etc. Exporter: From Poser to Lightwave, Cinema 4D, Maya and Strata for Mac and PC
speedtree: trees and plants

3D Model Resources

Game Design and Game AI

Kynogon: Supplier of AI middleware
Amid's Game Programming Info (e,g, Pathfinding)
Game AI:
Machine Learning in Games
Game AI Page
AI in Games Link List
sgi openGL Games page forum Lessons in shadows, collision, etc.

Online Games asadis
samorost 1
samorost 2
99 Rooms facade, Makers of facade technolgy: AI-based interactive entertainment


Game Conferences and Workshops

Game Developers Conference
Games Convention
E3 Media and Business Summit

Game (Development) Companies

Kynogon: Supplier of AI middleware

Serious Game

Game authoring software for schools:
MissionMaker: An authoring platform for 3D Games with graphical programming
kar2ouche: storyboarding and role-playing software

Learning in Immersive Worlds: a review of game based learning report, authored by Sara de Freitas
Kynogon Products for Serious Games